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Asset Tokenization

Asset tokenization is the process of converting the property rights of a given asset into a digital token on a blockchain.These can include unique hash values ​​that represent physical assets, financial instruments, real estate, stocks, bonds, units of funds, etc ...

Tokenization of real-world assets will allow new markets by lowering barriers and frictions to information exchange and trade.

By switching to a digital token system, asset owners and investors can create new efficiencies, such as making assets more liquid, by automating what was once a complicated manual process - while retaining the real-world characteristics of the underlying asset itself. Even in its early stages, blockchain technology is disrupting the way people are viewing business and transactions.

Cryptographic tokens and the blockchain-based economy are the most common models implemented by technology. Tokens are digital representations of assets. Come and see how this market is growing in Zurich.

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