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Knowledge is power, and we help our members and communities to not only get it, but to generate it.


Our services in this pilar are always subject to new ideas and possibilities for expansion and diversification, but among the key ones we can count:


  • Brazil+Swiss Talks: The heart of our knowledge sharing and creation activity is our program of live presentations about a wide array of themes and subjects, always connected to our core elements: Brazil, Switzerland, Innovation, Technology, and Connections.


  • Courses: We develop short but resourceful courses regarding some areas in which either Brazil or Switzerland excel and are world references. Our first program is the short course about The Law & Business of Blockchain and the Cryptoeconomy, which we have already fully developed and tested with success and can offer online in partnership with entities, companies and Universities all over.

  • Working Groups: We are creating working groups with members that work in the same field or industry, to share experiences and produce knowledge in their areas of expertise, like Blockchain, Fintechs, Education, Health, Impact Investing, etc.


New courses, workshops and training programs are in development, but can also be created on-demand.


Please, contact us  here if you’re interested in knowing more about it.

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