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Fintech is a short version of the term Financial Technology. The term nowadays usually refers to a plethora of companies, many of which fast growing startups, that use modern technologies to make financial solutions easier, cheaper and faster.


Some fintech developments have improved traditional services, for example mobile banking apps, while other have revolutionized services such as pay per mile car insurance or using cryptocurrencies at gateways of payment, among many others!

There are several businesses models that can modify, improve or revolutionize a part of the financial sector, from banking, credits and loans to stocks and beyond. This sector is blooming with investments and opportunities.


The goal here is to disrupt the financial market with innovative technologies, bringing accessibility, ease of use and competitiveness for this long way traditional market governed by few companies.

New possibilities and opportunities always come with risks, in these cases it is important to be up to date with applicable regulations and jurisdictions which intend that Fintechs flourish. Switzerland, as in most of the relevant technology areas, is keeping up with the pace of the new Fintechs and developing a set of interesting points for Fintechs that want to settle in the country and enhance its business both locally and at a global level.

Our Hub is following this sector’s relevant developments, and is fully able to assist your business to transit to the Swiss ecosystem and enjoy its many positive points.

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