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How could anyone finance your business project? That's right what you read ... Finance business projects ... Modern crowdfunding instruments, such as STO, ICO / TGE, IEO, allow Swiss SMEs to obtain funds directly from various individuals, bypassing banks or other traditional financial players. After the decision to start your blockchain crowdfunding campaign, you need to decide which instrument you will offer to investors. You can apply for reward-based or stock-based financing.


STO (security token offering) is a cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding campaign during which taxpayers invest cryptocurrency in a business in exchange for the company's tokenized shares.


ICO or TGE (security token offering or token generation event). In these cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding models, contributors donate cryptocurrencies and receive in exchange tokens that represent a claim for a startup's future products.


IEO (initial exchange offer) is a model of crowdfunding campaign when a businessman raises funds to finance his project through a cryptocurrency exchange.


This model allows the entrepreneur to benefit from the infrastructure that a cryptocurrency exchange platform can offer.

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