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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality ("VR) is an innovative technology that immerse the user into a computer-generated environment in which simulated scenes and objects appear to be real. This environment can be accessed through virtual reality glasses or helmets, which show images of this environment to the user, in an immersive and involving way.


Through this tool, it is possible to dive into video games, simulating the actions of the characters, use the tool as a form of study to learn how to perform delicate medical surgeries, or even use the tool to improve the quality of an athlete's sports training.


Despite being innovative, the technology has already become accessible, and can work with simple cardboard glasses, which are attached to the user's cell phone (being limited by the power of each cell phone), up to specific machines, which simulate movements and sounds in a more immersive way.


Thus, it is noted that the technology brings important forms and alternatives that open doors for the use of VR, whether in the industrial area, health, education or leisure. 


The Brazil + Swiss Innovation Hub follows VR projects, always seeking to approach and connect market players that can use this technology in their businesses. Contact us to learn more about this technology and how it can be implemented in your business.

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